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i'm kamille and this is my k-pop fanfiction journal. feel free to friend me and talk to me and stuff. my main fandoms right now are f(x),  block b, and exo. add me on my twitter, @fatpillows (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) (last updated: 06/18/14)

fanfiction masterlist under the cutCollapse )

smile when you speak
jungsis, jessica, krystal
krystal/suho, pg, 1000w
sometimes, joonmyun had the pleasure of having soojung snort at his questions and lame jokes.
title from i'll do anything for you by foster the people, which is a lovely listen along with this fic, i think!

remember those times i was hoping for somethingCollapse )

my my my my, you're like pelican fly
jungsis, jessica, krystal
sehun/krystal/jongin, pg-13 (language), 3500w
sehun and krystal both accidentally fall for jongin, the sleepy boy who visits their shop.
originally written for smtheficathon. mostly me fawning over jongin through the eyes of sehun and krystal, who are also unfairly perf. my attempt to be funny. sorry. i don't hate joonmyun i promise!!! title from superbass by nicki minaj aka my kween.

'scuse me, you're a hell of a guyCollapse )

water me
xiumin/girl!kris, pg-13, 3500w
at their age, kris and minseok should be having quarter life crises. instead, they feel like they’re back in high school, bathed in insecurity and a little bit of hope. a remix of hurricane by glassfromscars for kpop_ficmix, originally posted here.

i promise i can grow tall / when making love is freeCollapse )

kpopv fics
trying to be cool (it’s all because of you)
g, xiumin/luhan, 966w
originally written for perfectiontales for kpopv. prompt is rain and soccer fields.

mint julep testosterone, tell me that you want meCollapse )

high school crush, i wrote your song
pg, f(x) gen, 967w
originally written for ninaful_10 for kpopv, prompt is prom committee.

kiss you sweetly, if you will obligeCollapse )

and for you i keep my legs apart
pg-13, kai/sulli, 2143w
originally written for xiuminseokkk for kpopv. prompt is sleepovers aren't allowed anymore.

come here, stay with me, stroke me by the hairCollapse )

if i impress you
jungsis, jessica, krystal
sulli/u-kwon, pg-13, 2000w
f(x)'s sulli walks into a club and meets... block b's u-kwon! for intoaclub.

can i undress you?Collapse )

zoom in on your laughter
p.o/sulli, g, ~3600w
you know when teenagers say they're just friends? yeah, it's never really true.

and we don't care about the young folksCollapse )

ambitious girls fics
as far as lovers go, min/amber, pg-13
min and amber move into a shitty apartment.
originally written for taozi for ambitiousgirls fic exchange.

as lovers go, you're the best i've ever knownCollapse )

dream your dreams away, f(x) ot5, pg-13
f(x) is an indie rock band with a following of teenage boys and some girls. everyone thinks they’re cool, but they’re just a bunch of pretentious teenagers (except for victoria – she’s only a sort-of pretentious adult).
originally written for phonebook for ambitiousgirls fic exchange.

xCollapse )

seoulfulness fills 2 + wip
these are long overdue, but enjoy~

can you whisper, kai/suho, g
jongin's just a kid. best read along with the song young blood (renholder remix) by the naked and the famous (here).
originally posted as a fill at seoulfulness (here).

you keep my secrets, hope to dieCollapse )

listen to iron maiden, baby, with me, amber/kris, pg
prom, amber in a dress, bros before hoes and awkward slow dancing.
originally posted as a fill in seoulfulness (here).

'cause i'm just a teenage dirtbag babyCollapse )

untitled, baekhyun/tao, g
martial arts center au wip that i haven't expanded yet because i'm stuck. tao has a huge crush on baekhyun who is an idiot.
originally written for jannah on twitter like i don't know four months ago? i am sorry for not continuing this maybe one day ;~~~;

you bought the dream and they sold you oneCollapse )

old meme drabbles
32 drabbles, various fandoms (shinee, sj/sj-m, f(x), miss a, snsd, dangerous boys, t-ara, 2pm, b1a4, block b)
stuff i've written on anon memes from around may 2011-feb 2012.

lace up your dress, it's falling downCollapse )


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